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Latinx Alumni Association

The W&M Latinx Alumni Association consists of alumni who self-identify as Latino, Latina, Latinx, Hispanic, or Chicano who are working to create a community at William & Mary. Latinx alumni work with the Latin American Studies Program faculty, the Cuba Media Initiative, the Latin-American Student Union (LASU), Hispanic Studies faculty, and other Latin-American-focused campus constituencies to actively engage with William & Mary.


LASU’s Historian is the point of contact between our organization and the Latinx Alumni Association’s Associate Director of Alumni Engagement and Inclusion Initiatives, Ivana Marshall.

Ivana Marshall M. Ed.’23

Associate Director, Alumni Engagement and Inclusion Initiatives


Phone number: 757-221-7514

Latinx Alumni Advisory Board

The Latinx Alumni Association exists to further the connection of Latinx alumni with the university, faculty, student body, and each other, while building power in our larger community to co-create a more equitable college environment. We work to acknowledge and build on the history and contributions of the Latinx community at William & Mary, thereby fostering a future where diversity and unity are our strengths.


The Latinx Alumni Advisory Board is an extension of the Latinx Alumni Association. Currently, LASU’s Historian and Marketing Chair sit on the Latinx Alumni Advisory Board. 

To learn more about the Latinx Alumni Association and its current members, please visit their website.

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