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Alumni Photo Archive

Last year, the 2021-2022 LASU executive board was cleaning its storage closet in preparation for the move to Sadler expansion. Among LASU’s belongings, the exec board came across a small box stored away in a filing cabinet, inside the box were photos that date back to 1998. The photos show many different events hosted and attended by Hispanic Cultural Organization (HCO) members. Seeing their smiling faces made the ‘21-’22 exec board happy to see a Latinx-based, but not Latinx-exclusive, organization that emulates the many memories our current LASU members are making. 


Tracing our organization’s roots is important for LASU so that we may better understand the presence of the Latinx community at William and Mary. Finding these photos was a treasure the 2022-2023 executive board wished to share with everyone. We are thrilled that, through our website, we are able to accomplish this goal. 


In addition to simply sharing these photographs, the 2022-2023 executive board will be surrendering these photos to Swem Special Collections in the Spring of 2023. Archiving these photos is an important process that will give alumni, staff, and future students the opportunity to see the joyful, safe, and inclusive environment that cultural organizations foster at William and Mary.

LASU’s current and future Historians will be working with Ivana Marshall, our liaison with the Latinx Alumni Association, to share these photographs with alumni in hopes that they may recognize themselves, their peers, or the event taking place in the photograph.


Alumni, If you recognize yourself or a friend/peer/event in any of these photographs, please fill out our Google Form so that we may identify you and share your memory of the experience on our website.

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