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Bigs and Littles


Bigs and Littles is an opportunity for LASU members to develop relationships with new and returning members. By creating bonds with one another, LASU members are better able to grow our community across campus, fostering an environment of friendship, mentorship, and togetherness.


Bigs and Littles is a wonderful opportunity for incoming and current members to meet others in our community. LASU’s social chair is in charge of partnering bigs and littles with one another based on interests and personalities, and the social chair plans a fun-filled clue week. During clue week, bigs spoil their littles by planning fun activities that consist of scavenger hunts, decorating rooms, giving littles gifts, etc. Bigs give their littles clues during this week to try to reveal their identity, but many bigs trick their littles and give them different identities. At the end of clue week, LASU hosts a big reveal where bigs and littles finally meet each other. Afterward, many families have dinner together to celebrate the addition of members to their lines. Clue week is a fun time where all current bigs and incoming littles spend time together to make it the best experience possible!

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