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Photo Surrender

Swem Special Collections Archives ~Photographs

On February 1, 2023, LASU Historian Astrid Garcia surrendered a collection of photographs found in LASU’s storage unit on behalf of the Latin American Student Union and the 2022-2023 Executive Board. These photos are now available at Swem Special Collections.

Preserving these photographs is important because it can help us and future LASU members trace this organization’s roots back to the late 1990s. To see previous members sharing laughs and making memories is representative of LASU’s enduring mission of making LASU a safe and accepting environment at William and Mary. Additionally, by preserving these photographs in Swem’s archives, LASU members, past and present, are able to leave a mark on this campus, signaling our growing presence on this campus.

If you are interested in viewing these photographs in person, please email to get in touch with Swem Special Collections to view not only these newly minted photographs but also the plethora of archives past LASU Executive Boards have surrendered to Swem. You can also access the digitized version of these photographs on this website.

Attached is Swem’s Thank you note and the Deed of Gift signed to surrender the photographs to Special Collections.

Deed of Gift

Deed of Gift.jpg
Deed of Gift2.jpg

Thank You: A Letter from Swem Special Collections

Garcia Astrid - Thanks.jpg
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