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More than a Social Organization

We are not only a cultural organization, but also one that emphasizes education and community service as a way of encouraging and supporting upward social mobility, progress, and social justice. 


While all executive members of LASU are required to uphold our mandates of service, the service chair of our organization’s primary role is to: coordinate activities pertaining to community service and outreach. They plan volunteer activities, promote service trip opportunities, and participate in established projects on campus and in the Williamsburg community. They will work to establish lasting partnerships with other college service groups and community partners and act as direct liaisons to the Office of Community Engagement. 


Specifically, in our Constitution, we have outlined specific guidelines for maintaining our commitment to serving others in our community, including:


Article IV - Civic Engagement 

 Section 1 | Service  

  • LASU understands the importance of community service and civic engagement in the community in order to implement social change.

  • LASU will work with established service projects at William & Mary, introduce service initiatives of its own, and work with other service student organizations that pertain to the Latino community in Williamsburg.  


Article V - Political Activism 

Section 1 | Awareness 

  • An integral component of LASU is to stimulate political awareness on various relevant subjects concerning the Latin American community, while embracing a dialogue composed of all political affiliations and perspectives. 

Service History Highlights

2022-2023 | Carolina Rivera

​Fall 2022 Impact Week: Second Place and Spirit Award (Organization with best spirit for service) = $2000 prize for bilingual books and school kits for the ESL programs of the Williamsburg James-City County Public School District.

Latinx Heritage Month Fundraiser: Raised $700 for bilingual books and school kits for the ESL programs of the Williamsburg James-City County Public School District.


Volunteering and supporting local English-Second-Language (ESL) programs at the WJCC public school district, such as providing after school support for parents at James Blair Middle School.


Received a grant for free tutoring services to the greater Williamsburg community for the 2023 spring semester.

2021-2022 | Carolina Rivera

Provided free bilingual tutoring services to the greater Williamsburg community. LASU members/tutors served over 256 hours in the academic year. Received Values in Action Award for Recognized Student Organizations

2021 Fall Impact Week: Won second place and raised approximately $4000 for bilingual books for free book boxes in collaboration with the Village (an organization formed to promote unity and education while building a bridge between local schools and parents) and every English-Second-Language (ESL) program at the Williamsburg James-City County Public school district.

2021 Latinx Heritage Month “Books for All” Fundraiser: Raised approximately $400 for bilingual books for the ESL programs at WJCC

2020-2021 | Michelle Lopez

This year was at the height of the global pandemic of Covid-19, despite many students attending William & Mary online, our service chair and executive team maintained their commitment to service through small acts of kindness and providing safe spaces during a harrowing time.


Random Acts of Kindness Initiative: highlighted members of LASU for extraordinary service or providing consolation during the pandemic.

LASU Recipe Book: opportunity for LASU members and the William & Mary community to connect through shared culinary interests and cultural influences.

Shared community engagement opportunities with the LASU general body.

Hosted a Period Product Drive in collaboration with VOX, She’s the First and BLOT.

2019-2020 | Sara Martinez

Provided translation services for James Blair Middle School.


Translate-a-thon: partnered with Vox to translate medical documents.


Translated Math Docs: partnered with Dr. Dunn from Warhill to translate some docs for her ESL students.


Campus Kitchen partnership.


Provided free tutoring services to local school districts.

2018-2019 | Alexia Kaelber

Translate-a-thon in collaboration with VOX, a women’s rights student organization.


Partnership with Lafayette Kids, a youth development mentoring program that seeks to close opportunity gaps.


Farm day with the KelRae Farm.


Campus Kitchen partnership.

2017-2018 | Sarah Bonfim

International Night


Catalyst for LASU’s commitment to service (after revamp of LASU in 2018)

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